CSI can accomodate all your charging needs for your DC powered equipment.   We have a full line of industrial batteries and chargers, watering systems, charging stations and accessories.


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 Crown - Only the Best, All the Time




Crown Forklift Industrial Batteries


Crown Battery offers a full line of lead acid batteries, for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment.    

  • Crown Batteries are one of the heaviest batteries in the Industrial market place.
  •  Crown Batteries use thirteen vertical grid wires for better charge/recharge and deep cycling capabilities.
  • Crown Battery is the only company to utilize total POSIWRAP PROTECTION ™ , the most insulated industrial batteries available on the market.
  • Crown Battery also uses sleeve style separators that eliminate missing or misaligned separators.
  • Crown's Opportunity Fast Charge is a relatively new technology in the Material Handling industry.   The concept of OFC is to have one battery, one truck and one charger and eliminate the need to change batteries.   Opportunity Fast Charge is defined as being able to charge a battery from 20% to 80% in 2 hours or less.



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 EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications


EnerSys Industrial Charger    

EnerSys Industrial Forklift Batteries

Utilizing leading edge technology and innovative solutions EnerSys offers a broad line of batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks.  
  • The IRONCLAD - exclusive Square Tube, positive plate design for higher capacity 
  • GENERAL BATTERY - flat plate design for reliable, cost effec-tive power
  • EXPRESS cutting edge fast charge technology for higher pro-ductivity and nearly zero downtime
  • ENFORCER CHARGERS - known for their unsurpassed quality & reliability; whether cost savings or traditional








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